Victor, NY, USA: Effective August 23, 2016. L-Tron Corporation is pleased to announce the publication of an e-Citation guide for the Law Enforcement and Public Safety sectors, entitled, “Your Guide to e-Citation: From Start to Finish”.
The guidebook explores the following topics:

  • The basics of electronic ticketing,

    eCitation ebook resource center
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  • Handwritten traffic citations and its challenges,
  • Officer safety and community improvements,
  • Benefits of eCitation,
  • e-Citation equipment,
  • Funding tips, and
  • Choosing a technology partner.

Gayle DeRose, L-Tron’s COO, understands the importance of sharing L-Tron’s knowledge with the Public Safety community regarding the latest technology available.

Feedback we’ve received:  “Officer safety is an important piece in this [guide]. I don’t like typing or handwriting [citations], you can’t keep your eyes on the road…”

Another Officer from New York State says, “The steps are really as easy as this guide says – pull someone over, gather info, issue the ticket, populate the form, print it out in the car and give a copy to the violator.”

L-Tron has a long history of working with the Law Enforcement community. Specializing in hardware for today’s squad car, our solutions have been implemented in over 1400 municipalities across 40+ states over the last 15 years. We specialize in rugged computing and peripheral solutions designed specifically for Law Enforcement Officer use to improve accuracy and efficiency for mobile enforcement tasks such as electronic citation, motorist warning, motor vehicle accident and other incident reporting.
To download a free copy of the e-Citation guide book on any mobile device or computer, please visit: