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L-Tron & Advantech Expand Partnership to Support First Responders & Law Enforcement Officers with Reliable Communication

L-Tron is pleased to announce the launch of a new device to future-proof emergency wireless communication and empower public safety personnel.  This new Wireless Gateway is approved for use with the First Responder emergency response communications network and offers unmatched connectivity and reliability at a fraction of competitors’ prices. The gateway router keeps first responders connected, even when public lines of communication are inaccessible, enabling them to save lives, protect one another, and serve the community, despite unpredictable circumstances. The durable ICR-3241 Router installs seamlessly into fire trucks, ambulances, patrol cars and other emergency vehicles to provide a secure wireless network and real-time communications. The router facilitates collaboration between law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, dispatch, hospitals, commanders, and more. The new wireless gateway router is compatible with other wireless networks across the country. Click for more on this Gateway Router.

L-Tron & Advantech have partnered together to bring first responders & Law Enforcement officers the ICR-3241. L-Tron has a longtime 15+ year working relationship with the public safety community, specializing in e-citation equipment and accessories, as well as crime, crash and fire scene investigation photography and case organization software. L-Tron’s public safety solutions can be found in thousands of municipalities across all 50 states. L-Tron and Advantech have worked together for over thirty years to offer superior industrial-grade technology. Learn more about our partnership here. 

L-Tron Launches New Wireless Gateway Router to Improve First Responder Communication

We are eager to introduce our law enforcement and emergency response clients to Advantech’s world-class solutions,” says L-Tron’s CEO RAD DeRose. “We find ourselves in a unique position with decades of experience working with both Advantech and Law Enforcement clients. These working relationships enable us to fully understand  our public safety client’s  needs in wireless connectivity, and to bring our clients  an exceptional quality and reliable product. We are pleased to offer this new wireless gateway router to our first responders, allowing them to future-proof their mobile communications.”

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What is the importance of a dedicated First Responder Network? Purpose-built for emergency responders, a dedicated network maintains open lines of communication even when public communication systems fail. Read more about the network here.


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