cooking a turkey


Have you ever watched a show like Candid Camera or Punk’d?

Well this year, we decided to have a little pranking fun of our own by asking people around the office how to cook a 25 lb turkey…in the microwave.

(Are you a novice to cooking? Please don’t EVER cook a 25 lb turkey in the microwave!!)

“Hey, quick question – do you know how long to microwave a 25 lb turkey?”


Conversation #1 with Gayle, our COO & CMO

“No – try YouTube”

(Gayle knows there’s a how-to for everything on YouTube!)


Conversation #2 with RAD, our President & CEO

“Yikes! Sounds like it’s time for a fryer”

(Leave it to the engineer to have a practical answer)



Conversation #3 with Jason from Sales

“Microwave a turkey?! Are you serious?!”

(I could just picture him shaking his head incredulously)


Conversation #4 with Alex from Solutions 

“I have never done that before. I googled it and it said…So like 3 – 3.75 hours maybe?”

(The perfect Millennial response)


RIT Graduate SymposiumConversation #5 with Julianne from Marketing

“HA no idea, but I would guess for a very long time. I’ve never microwaved a turkey either.”

(Politically correct, as always)

Since Julianne’s answer wasn’t quite enough to satisfy me, I took it a step further…

 “Hmm, ok – maybe I’ll just wrap it in Saran wrap or foil and hope for the best”

“Hahaha don’t burn your house down!

…And with that, I knew she was on to me. 🙂

If you’re looking for something fun to do in the office (think IM) or with friends and family via text, I would highly recommend this joke. You’ll be laughing out loud for sure!