L-Tron has returned from the company’s 10th trip to the Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety (ESLETS) Conference, which took place April 24-25 in Bolton Landing, NY. Julianne Pangal and Gabrielle Struzik represented L-Tron, showcasing the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader, the 4910LR Magnetic Mount, L-Tron’s OSCR360 System and other patrol vehicle equipment.

As a New York State business, the L-Tron Team always looks forward to supporting ESLETS and connecting with Officers from around the state. This year, agencies were particularly interested in learning more about our eCitation equipment, including the Mag Mount for the 4910LR and patrol vehicle printers, as well as the OSCR360 System for case organization, crime & crash scene documentation and emergency pre-planning.

The 4910LR Driver’s License Reader enables Officers to scan driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations on the roadside, auto-populating the data from the license into forms and reports in seconds. The 4910LR Mag Mount is an add-on accessory for the scanner. It is a magnetic device that facilitates swift, safe and secure storage of the 4910LR within the patrol vehicle.

OSCR360 captures 360-degree images from any scene, then the OSCR360 Desktop Software stores, organizes, and presents all digital evidence in a virtual walkthrough format.


Gabrielle Struzik, who is a recent addition to the L-Tron Team, shared,

“The 2024 NYS Traffic Safety Conference was a great opportunity for me to really see how our work supports Officers. We had several people stop by to talk to us, who were familiar with our company and the work we do. It was awesome to see them happy with our company and interested in what else we could offer them! I like that even indirectly, our work at L-Tron helps make their lives easier and keeps them safer too.”

The 2024 NYS Traffic Safety Conference, which was hosted by the New York State Police, addressed numerous relevant topics in traffic safety, including automated vehicle technology for law enforcement, temp tags and ghost cars, commercial vehicle stops, impaired driving, and more.

To discover more about the New York State Police, please visit https://troopers.ny.gov/.

4910LR Scanners at the L-Tron table
2024 NYS Traffic Safety Conference Program
eCitation with the 4910LR

About L-Tron

For over two decades, L-Tron has partnered with Law Enforcement to provide technology solutions built from the voices of our customers. As a proud New York State business, we are honored to “Back the Blue” in our own state, as well as in all 50 states nationwide, through a variety of educational events, non-profit sponsorships and more. Your feedback matters to us because “Your Success is our Purpose.”


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