L-Tron’s sales team recently completed a training program with Worldleader Sales to formalize a process and develop a customer-focused skill set as a means of delivering competitive advantages to L-Tron clients.

The training focused on customer engagement and delivering value that is based on customer business results, rather than on L-Tron’s products and services. We established a process, in which we reviewed feasibility, fit, and ROI, ensuring that the products and solutions we deliver will have the capability, reliability, and usability to provide professional guidance to our customers on matters of:

  1. Increasing their revenue and market share.
  2. Reducing their cycle time for product development, manufacturing, delivery and customer service.
  3. Improving first time quality.
  4. Achieving regulatory, industry and internal compliance.
  5. Reducing operational costs and increasing profitability year over year.


To our existing and prospective customers:

We look forward to working with you and sharing our new process.  As always, our success is measured by YOUR satisfaction!

-RAD DeRose, President & the entire L-Tron Team