The L-Tron team has returned from the Florida Division of the International Association for Identification (FDIAI) Conference which was held at the Hilton Doubletree Resort at SeaWorld. This Florida Crime Scene Investigation conference was geared toward crime scene investigators, forensics specialists, and other personnel in the law enforcement and criminal justice fields. The team shared the OSCR360 crime scene investigation system with a well-attended crowd, and L-Tron’s Andy McNeill had the opportunity to present one of his case studies.

McNeill’s lecture, entitled, “Building your Case with Limited Documentation,” taught participants how to create a framework for cases with incomplete or limited scene documentation. McNeill, an IAI Senior Crime Scene Analyst, presented his lecture through a sample case study using OSCR360 software and demonstrated how to strengthen a witness’ testimony by providing the courtroom with full visual context around the case.

The patented OSCR360 system captures, stores, organizes, and presents the facts of a case. OSCR360 allows viewers to take a virtual walkthrough of the crime scene, gaining perspective and a more thorough understanding of what transpired at the scene.

Florida Crime Scene Investigaton Conference 2023

One FDIAI attendee, an investigator from Georgia, spoke highly of the OSCR360 system.

We love [OSCR360]. We use it all the time!

The investigator went on to explain that, not only does their agency use OSCR360 for crime scene investigations, but they also rely on the system inside the courtroom.

Andy with Therapy Dog at IAI Conference

This year’s Florida IAI Conference had an abundance of therapy dogs in attendance!

About the Florida IAI

L-Tron was proud to support the FDIAI for the third year, and regularly supports regional IAI conferences throughout the country.

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