L-Tron & OSCR360 Returns from the NDAA Summer Summit – Focused on the “Digital Prosecutor” 

The L-Tron team recently returned from a successful trip to the National District Attorney Association’s (NDAA) Summer Summit in Denver, CO which took place July 18th & 19th 2022. Trevor DiMarco and Julianne Pangal represented L-Tron at the Summit, showcasing L-Tron’s OSCR360 technology. OSCSR360 software aids prosecutors before and during trials, with the ultimate goal of serving justice and obtaining convictions. 

This year’s Summit, “The Evolution of the Digital Prosecutor,” focused on the use of technology in both the District Attorney’s Office and in the courtroom. One of the Summit sessions, titled “Using Technology to Increase Persuasion and Juror Understanding: The Visual Trial,” spoke volumes about the need for jurors to understand the facts of a case and to be engaged during the trial. Visual tools and new courtroom technology may be necessary tools for prosecutors to continue serving justice and closing cases with convictions.

By using OSCR360 for courtroom presentations and trial prep, Prosecutors are able to virtually bring the crime scene into the courtroom with a digital walkthrough of the case and any digital evidence. OSCR projects are fully admissible in court. OSCR serves as a digital “briefcase” in which investigators and prosecutors can organize each piece of digital evidence. Come trial, OSCR simplifies and improves the process of presenting in the courtroom. The system is also an effective tool in the plea deal process.  

OSCR360 Returns from the NDAA Summer Summit

“The NDAA Summer Summit was a highlight for our team. We enjoyed meeting prosecutors and investigators from all over the country and truly appreciate the work they do on a daily basis. It was exciting to share how OSCR360 can help them accomplish their goals – and to learn from them and hear their feedback.  

Julianne Pangal, L-Tron Customer Engagement Manager

For over two decades, L-Tron has partnered with thousands of government and law enforcement organizations across the country. We are pleased to sponsor, and speak at educational conferences, as well as support non-profit public safety organizations. Founded in 1975, L-Tron collaborates closely with its current and prospective clients to deliver the solutions they need to be successful.  

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For additional information about NDAA, including upcoming events, visit https://ndaa.org/


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