The L-Tron team wrapped up the year with our annual Holiday party.

Festivities included a catered BBQ lunch from RAD and Gayle, wine tasting, and a white elephant gift exchange. The team also celebrated Pete & Elyse’s birthdays.

Holidays at L-Tron are always interesting..

This year, the L-Tron team had a fun-filled day of activities. Because the majority of the team was present in the office, we took advantage of full attendance by having our team photos in the morning. Hank did a great job organizing each of the L-Tron teams and setting up “power” shots throughout the office. For our full team photo, he even had team members climbing up on ladders & couches to fit everyone together. Here are some behind the scenes images from the shoot.

After all the smiles, the party moved into the conference room. RAD & Gayle treated the entire office to a BBQ lunch from Route96. We ate our fill of pulled pork, ribs, chicken, mac & cheese, cornbread and brussel sprouts. An L-Tron party wouldn’t be complete without contributions from the team. Everyone pitched in with additional desserts and appetizers.

After the eating – Andy facilitated a wine tasting. Team members brought in wine bottles covered with brown paper bags and the team voted on the best and worst wines. Alex won the award for worst wine with a sweet red, while Juli won the award for most bearable wine with a bottle of Uncaged Cabernet Sauvignon.

Finally, the team ended the day with a white elephant gift exchange. Alex organized the exchange and handed out numbers to the participants. Some gifts included a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, Bananagrams, Chai tea, beer, wine, poo pourri, and candles.


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