Happy Halloween 2019 from the L-Tron team

Happy Halloween 2019!

The L-Tron family had a great day full of tricks & treats this past Thursday. The Halloween holiday started off with bagels from our favorite local deli – Balsam Bagels (thank you, Nate). Several team members wore costumes to work – we had a Flapper, a Hawaiian Tourist, Kyle Rudolph, a nun (ya business), a cowboy and two RADs. Everyone contributed candy and other sweet treats for an all-day “grazing day.” We loved some of the festive snacks – like apple pie and pumpkin bread.

Towards the afternoon, Gayle had a big reveal when she entered the kitchen dressed up as RAD! The entire team was shocked – she looked just like our CEO and even imitated his mannerisms. Check out the video of her entering the kitchen and surprising the team below – well-played, Gayle.

The day wrapped up with an awesome team-building activity. Meaghan led the office in Halloween-themed Jeopardy. The group was divided in two and had to answer questions in various categories such as Halloween history, company culture, and Media. Some fun questions included “Who in the office is scared of clowns?” (Juli) and “Who in the office has dressed up as the jolly green giant?” (Charlie). After lots of laughs and sharing some apple cider mimosas, the team cleaned up and headed out into the night for trick-or-treating and Halloween fun with their families.

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On Friday, some of the celebrations continued when Carmella & Marisa both brought in their children to trick-or-treat around the office. Each department had a bucket of candy – including everything from Smarties to Snickers to Swedish Fish & Ring Pops. The kids had so much fun, and they were thrilled to get to wear their costumes for two days in a row.

What did your office do to celebrate Halloween? Share some of your celebrations with us on social media @LTronCorp.


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