L-Tron Invites Local Cops to Bring their Mugs to Victor for Morning Jolt & Cookie

Thank you for your service - cookies & coffee


I know a cop named Sgt. Joe Breu. Seriously.


Joe. Java. Brain Juice. Dirt.


For many cops, coffee is a primary food group. Throw in a cookie and you’ve got a crummy meal.


This Friday, L-Tron Corporation makes mud taste good by offering cookies & coffee to local law enforcement for FREE from 0800 until 1600 at its Lehigh Crossing headquarters in Victor (that’s 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for regular folk). Cookies, whether crumbling, tough, sharp or smart, are included.


Gratis grub for law enforcement perked at L-Tron back in 2015 as part of the national Cookies for Cops Program in which sponsors delivered cookies to police departments. This year L-Tron is dripping liquid energy into the mix and inviting law enforcement to its new building to thank them and show support for their hard work, according to COO Gayle DeRose.

“We’d like to give our cops a break from their daily grind,” said COO Gayle DeRose. “We work with hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the country providing data solutions. They give us their all every day. The least we can do it let them know we support all that they do.”

Cookies & Coffee for Law Enforcement


That support for law enforcement is part of a brew of corporate social responsibility and internal company culture.  L-Tron works behind the scenes with its continuing web design support of the Badge of Honor Association (BOHA) and as well as past projects like the Cuddle Bear Drive, and the Books and Bears initiative.  In April, the company held a free full-day forensic photography refresher course for crime scene investigators.


In July, following the unfortunate death of New York State Trooper Nicholas Clark, L-Tron spearheaded an effort to display blue lights at Victor businesses to honor the Troop E – Canandaigua member’s sacrifice. “Sometimes the simplest gestures mean the most, and we want our people in blue to know we support all that they do.” she said.


According to DeRose, L-Tron has experienced an unexpected benefit from its outward shows of appreciation for law enforcement.  “Part of our recipe for our solutions and products are the voices of our users – the police officers on the street.  Their comfort level with us enables them to have direct input into product development. Our purpose is their success.”


If you are a past or present Law Enforcement Officer, stop by the L-Tron Office anytime on Friday, October 12th for cookies & coffee.

See you then!



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