The Police Benevolent Association (PBA) of New York State Troopers are encouraging the community to ‘Go Blue’ this Friday


To honor the memory of Trooper Nicholas Clark, and to show support for the Law Enforcement community:
Place blue lights on your porch and throughout your home. Install blue lights at your place of business. Hang blue ribbons and wear blue to work this Friday, July 13th.

The PBA for NYS Troop E is asking that you share your photos on social media using the hashtag: #SupportTrooperClark


We are proud to support the thin blue line and #BacktheBlue. Officers jump in and help the community without a second thought – how can we give back and support them in their times of need?


The Police Benevolent Association (PBA) of NY State Troopers are encouraging people throughout NY to ‘Go Blue’ this Friday, July 13th, in memory of fallen Trooper Nicholas Clark.


NYS Trooper Clark lost his life in the line of duty while responding to a 911 call regarding a suicidal individual on the morning of July 2nd in Erwin, NY at the age of 29 (Officer Down Memorial Page).  NYS Trooper Clark is a true hero.
“He was always helping others, steady, consistent and with a great sense of humor,” said Superintendent George Beach II, NYSP. “Nick wanted to be the best at whatever he put his mind to. By his example, he also lifted those who were around him, pushing them to be the best that they could be.” ( Trooper Clark served with the NY State Police for 3 years, joining in 2015. Prior to serving, he attended Alfred University, where he excelled on the football field. He excelled so much that he even tried out for the Buffalo Bills.

History of the Blue Light

According to COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors), ‘Project Blue Light’ began in 1989, when Philadelphia woman put two blue candles in her window to remember her son (an Officer with the Philadelphia PD) and daughter in-law. Project Blue light still burns bright in the hearts roughly 32,000 survivors of America’s fallen Law Enforcement Officers during the holidays. Putting blue lights in your window has steadily grown as a way to honor and remember departed Officers.


How to help:

Where can you purchase blue lights?

Blue lights are available at the following stores. L-Tron will also be giving away blue lights to the local community this Friday. Contact Elyse at 800-830-9523 x131 to get yours while supplies last.

How else is NYS Trooper Clark being remembered?

Throughout the state, Law Enforcement and community members are coming together to honor NYS Trooper Clark:

What is the Signal 30 fund?

The Signal 30 Benefit Fund is used to help Trooper’s when they need assistance. The fund was created by the PBA in 2005, and was named after Signal 30 – a Trooper’s radio call for help, used only in the case of an emergency. The Signal 30 Benefit Fund “supports the NYS Police and their families in extraordinary circumstances such as death, illness, injury, and loss. They also provide an extensive scholarship program to benefit the children of Troopers” (

Go Blue this Friday (or all weekend). Support the protectors and show Law Enforcement that the community cares.



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