Boston Police Department’s purchase of OSCR360 was published in the July 2019 Issue of Law Enforcement Technology Magazine.

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L-Tron is excited to announce that OSCR360 has been purchased by the Boston Police Department. This month’s edition of LET (Law Enforcement Technology) magazine published the press release detailing Boston’s decision to start utilizing OSCR.

The Department recently acquired L-Tron’s OSCR360 Crime Scene System for scene documentation and case organization use by the Crime Scene Response Unit. This unit is responsible for physical evidence collection and analysis for all crime scenes processed by the Boston Police Department. According to an Officer from Boston PD, OSCR360 has “so much more to offer” than first met the eye.

OSCR360 is a 360 degree crime and crash scene system. Users are able to take 360 degree photos of a scene using the OSCR360 Capture Kit. Then, using the OSCR360 Software, they can attach/embed any digital evidence files and provide a virtual walk-through of the scene for jurors, judges, witnesses, fellow officers & more.

These folks are extremely busy. The fact that you can go back after the fact and embed ANY digital media file into the program and it didn’t take multiple hours of post-production work to put a case together was a differentiator. Anything that saves them time on scene and later during the post-production make OSCR360 a ‘no-brainer.’

Alexandra Myers, L-Tron OSCR360 Account Manager

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Law Enforcement Technology Magazine (LET) was created with the Law Enforcement Manager in mind. LET focuses on new technologies and trends within the Law Enforcement field. Many Officers use LET to help them determine the new technology they need for their department. The July 2019 edition of Law Enforcement Technology focused on sidearms and flashlights. The cover story focused on the issues with sidearms and their growing integration in police work. This edition also featured’s active shooter response supplement.

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