EMS Week

National EMS Week 2019 – How can you honor & recognize first responders?

Do you know an Emergency Medical Services Worker, First Responder or EMT?

Have you ever chatted with them about their calls? EMS workers are the first ones to treat the victims of mass shootings, car crashes, fires and other horrific emergencies.

EMS or Emergency Medical Services workers provide “pre-hospital emergency medical care” (CDC.gov). Their jobs involves them being first at a scene, and the first to provide medical attention to a victim or individual. Many EMS workers are at high risk for on-the-job injuries, and have one of the highest rates of fatal injuries. According to ‘Safety and Health Magazine,” over 22,000 EMS workers are treated in emergency rooms for work-related injuries each year.

This week is National EMS Week, recognized annually the third week of May. This year’s theme – Beyond the Call – speaks to how first responders go above and beyond to help those in need.

Theme days for National EMS week 2019 include;

  • Education.
  • Safety Tuesday.
  • EMSC Day (Emergency Medical Services for Children).
  • National Stop the Bleed Day.
  • Friday is EMS Recognition Day.

If you know a first responder – thank them for what they do. Other ways to honor EMS team members may be to send donuts or bagels to a local fire department, donate to an EMS support group such as the National Volunteer Fire Council – which offers a Fire/EMS helpline, or to spread the word on social media. First Responders have a hard job, and it is important for the public to recognize and appreciate the people they turn to during a time of need.

Learn more about the work the EMS workers do everyday and some of the stories they’ve gathered from calls and one another. Visit http://www.emsstrong.org/stories.


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