Well, last week marked the end of the spring rush of Law Enforcement conference trade show sponsorships and exhibits for L-Tron.
And yes, I still like working trade shows!
April took us to our own backyard in downtown Rochester, NY for the Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety conference (ESLETS). This conference is invitation only for sponsors/ exhibitors and L-Tron was honored to be included.
Well, I arrived at the booth at 7 ish AM with L-Tron team member Jason to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Things were going well until…minor hiccup (there’s always one). Where are the iPad mini raffle tickets?2013-04-18 11.59.17 (1)
Now I pride myself in being organized– after all I am responsible for L-Tron’s operations! I was 100 % sure that I left them at the office last night…and by last night I mean after 10 pm last night. OK- I now had 40 minutes to get to the office in Victor and back to Rochester (without a speeding ticket– but maybe that is not a problem–lots of Law Enforcement professionals are AT the conference – better not).
The raffle tickets were right where my organized(?) self left them-in my office! I was back to the ESLETS conference on time, no speeding required. We were good to go!
Here are some of the highlights from the ESLETS conference:

  • The conference was well organized
  • Great overall attendance
  • GREAT Public Safety professionals in attendance
  • We heard nothing but good things about our products and had great dialogue focused on technology, data collection  and the solutions needed to assist our Law Enforcement officials in getting their mountains of data collected into a usable format and out to the front lines.
  • We had the busiest booth at the conference!
  • Lots of interest in L-Tron’s new 4910LR license reader, Honeywell’s Dolphin 70e, as well as our Havis vehicle side mounts and Brother Mobile PocketJet 6+ printer series.

Can I just say I am so impressed with NY Public Safety Officials? I respect the job they do to ensure our safety and well being and it was a great reminder for me as I chatted with them at L-Tron’s booth!2013-04-18 11.40.09
The two-day conference ended with a wonderful dinner. CEO RAD DeRose and I were invited to draw the raffle ticket for  L-Tron’s door prize, on-stage, between the  salad and the entrée – in front of hundreds of Law Enforcement officials – gulp!)  I gathered up the entire container of iPad Mini raffle tickets and shook it a bit. Up on the stage with RAD I went. The microphone was turned on; we had the crowds’ attention.
First and foremost, RAD thanked our Public Safety attendees for their service and their business. He noted two of our new product releases; the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader and Honeywell’s new Dolphin  70e which will support the predictive policing app NEARME. RAD held up both products  and mentioned that the Dolphin Black is thousands of dollars less than rugged tablets and L-Tron’s new 4910LR is on New York State contract – a better product at a lower cost–applause from the crowd!
Drum roll please…the lucky recipient of the iPad mini was a Sergeant from New York State. Such a great way for us to end the ESLETS conference, as a smiling Sgt. walked back to his table, with his new iPad mini in hand.
Next up…..LEIM in Arizona!