captuvo-SL42-Enterprise-Sled-400x300Enterprises face a predicament when it comes to mobile devices: Should we use a rugged, enterprise-ready device that will stand up to the elements or should we use the popular Apple iPhone, a device that is not rugged but does offer familiarity and ease to many mobile workers? More and more, enterprises are leaning toward the later, because many mobile workers already own or are very familiar with the Apple iPhone platform.
Because of the iPhone’s popularity, there is an abundance of contractors with iOS development skills who can supplement your internal staff. Your IT staff will also like to develop applications for the popular platform since it makes their skills more marketable. But the iPhone is not robust enough to handle the physical rigors encountered by mobile employees.

That is why Honeywell created their Captuvo line of Enterprise Sleds.

The Captuvo product line is referred to as a “sled” because the Apple device slides into it. The Captuvo fully surrounds the iPhone on 5 sides, while leaving the screen visible to the user.
The iPhone peripherals (cameras, flash, microphones, headset jack, and speaker) and buttons are still accessible to the user.
The Captuvo provides drop protection for itself and the iPhone of up to 4 feet onto concrete. This survivability decreases the costs associated with an out-of-service device and the IT manpower needed to deploy a replacement. The Captuvo also contains a security mechanism that locks the iPhone into it and reduces the likelihood of theft.

The barcode scanner is compatible with the Honeywell Total Freedom scanning software development platform.
You can create your own plug-in or purchase one for:

If your employees want to use an iPhone for your enterprise applications, now there are fewer reasons to say no. In fact, you can even use the iPhone in hospital applications. There are healthcare versions of the Captuvo available designed to withstand repeated application of cleaning fluid commonly used in healthcare applications.
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Captuvo - Solving Mobile POS for Today's Retail Landscape

The Captuvo from Honeywell provides:

  • Durability,
  • A world class barcode imager for reading 1D and 2D barcodes,
  • A high quality product from a global manufacturing leader,
  • High product availability,
  • Life cycle management with the resources to introduce new designs as the market demands,
  • Uninterrupted scanning of damaged and dirty codes,
  • Scanning of codes directly from computer displays and smart phones,
  • An optional 3-track mag stripe reader (MSR) on some models,
  • Encryption of credit card data as the card is swiped, protecting sensitive data and your company’s reputation (with third party key injection),
  • and more…

Battery Life

On a final, though equally important note, the Captuvo has its own replaceable battery for powering the barcode scanner and MSR. It also provides additional power to the iPhone for maximum up time.
You can easily swap the battery for continuous use and an optional cradle makes it easier to charge either a single Captuvo or four of them at once using a quad battery charger.
If you’re interested, give us a call. We can show you the device that’s right for your application. Better yet, ask us for a device to test yourself.
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