Whether you are in the market for OR a current owner of a mobile/handheld computer, you may interested in exploring some of the types of accessories available to make your life easier.  Did you know that a handheld computer battery is easily rechargeable, even when you are on the road?  Did you know that you can charge multiple batteries in one station?  There are even more perks that using mobile computer accessories can provide.  Here is a list of some of the most commonly used universal mobile computer accessories that I find to be advantageous:
Handheld Computer Accessories

  • Single computer charging/communication cradle kits
  • Single computer charging/communication cable kits
  • Multiple computer charge-only stations
  • Multiple battery charging stations
  • Single computer vehicle mounts/charging cables
  • Single computer vehicle charging cradles
  • Cradle and cable power supplies
  • DC power cords
  • AC line cords
  • 1.5x or 2x high capacity battery packs
  • Holsters
  • Snap-on magnetic stripe card readers

I have found that many of these accessories are useful for improving the functionality of a mobile computer.  In addition, these types of accessories can be great for increasing the productivity of a handheld computer user.  Want to learn more about purchasing a mobile computer and/or the related accessories?  Feel free to contact us!