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Happy Global Day of the Engineer! This annual date is observed this year on April 4th, 2018. Engineers from all over the world come together to celebrate engineers in our families, workplace, and community. From new-grads to veterans, engineers are an integral part of a company. Intended to shine a spotlight on innovations and break-trough’s, quirky personalities, and out-of-the-box thinking, we wanted to highlight our engineering team.
In the spirit of this global day, our edu-techie team asked our engineering team some questions. Some delightfully answered our questions, others were so engrossed in their work they preferred video (we all know how detail-oriented our engineers can be), and others, well… know what they say about engineers and marketers.

Let’s see what they had to say:


RAD: President and CEO of L-Tron

RAD DeRose - President and CEO of L-Tron CorporationWhat does your average day at L-Tron look like?
“No two days are the same. It seems like most of my time is spent putting out fires that arise. A typical day is prioritizing and breaking down projects into small, solvable or resolvable pieces so that we can delegate and handle the situation quickly.”
Do you have any advice for future engineers?
“Something that took me a long time to achieve, but I think I finally have been, is the ability to step back and use the input from a variety of resources when resolving issues and completing projects. The people you surround yourself with can be a big asset if you let them.”
What are your top accomplishments as an engineer? Which ones are you most proud of?
“I’d have to say moving from a traditional engineer to a sales engineer. It looked easy from the outside, but when I made the transition, not so much. Everyone is your customer and you need to make sure you’re meeting their needs – clients, customers, your boss, vendors, employees, everyone. There’s a lot of moving pieces all the time.”

Trevor: Director of Solutions

In honor of Global Day of the Engineer, what do you like about being an engineer?  Trevor DiMarco - Director of Solutions; Celebrating Global Day of the Engineer
“I don’t know. People always ask me that and I never have a good answer.”
For Trevor’s full answer, watch our video here.

Ken: Director of Engineering

For National Engineers Week 2018, we highlighted Ken and some of his answers. Meet Ken and read about his love for engineering here.
 Ken Gravenstede - Director of Engineering; Celebrating Global Day of the Engineer

Charlie: Solutions Engineer

What do you like about being an engineer?
Charlie Waldman - Solutions Engineer; Not too keen on celebrating Global Day of the Engineer

Viet: Director of Platform Development

Viet Nguyen - Director of Platform Development; Celebrating Global Day of the EngineerHow would you characterize an average day at your job?
“Rainbows and butterflies. I don’t know how to answer this question.”
 What do you like most about being an engineer?
“It expands your mind about creative problem solving that you can use throughout your life.”
What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on as an engineer?
OSCR360 – It solves a real problem”
What do you think is going to become the biggest challenge for engineers in the future?
“Technology is evolving so quickly. Continual learning is a MUST.”
How sustainable is your job as an engineer?
“IDK a unit of measurement for sustainability.”
What characteristics would you look for when hiring a young engineer?
“Passion. Good fundamentals. Effective Communication. Idea of Continual Learning. Consciousness. Awareness.  Problem Solver. Understanding Long-term/Short-term solutions and went to implement which.”
If you could change careers, would you choose to be an engineer?
What are your top accomplishments as an engineer? Which ones are you most proud of?
“I built an e-commerce website 4 years ago and it has been operating fine without any code changes for since.”
Celebrating Global Day of the Engineer, do you have any advice for future engineers?
“Consider not being so arrogant and learn to listen. Good engineering requires a mindset of humbleness coupled with confidence to solve complex concepts.”

Bottom line?

We adore our engineers and are thankful for their daily contributions and inspiration to every department here at L-Tron. Not only do we enjoy the quirk – we embrace it!
To see more of our engineers’ quirky personalities, check out our Global Day of the Engineer Video here:

Global Day of the Engineer - Meet some of L-Tron's Engineers

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