Field mobility solutionsWhen I think about it, customer service can be a tricky aspect of business for a small company that doesn’t have the resources of a large company!  The good news is that field mobility solutions can level the customer service playing field for smaller companies, especially those within my area of expertise: Plumbing and HVAC.
I’ve spoken with numerous leaders in the Plumbing/HVAC industry over the years and have found that a common obstacle facing smaller companies is keeping up with “the big guys.”  What managers are looking for is a way to increase productivity and steamline cash flow, all while keeping their customers happy. They no longer want to be burdened with manual, paper-based processes that are a huge inconvenience for field service efficiency and productivity. When technicians write everything down on paper:

  • Mistakes are made.
  • Data entry, ticket close-outs and payments are delayed.
  • Inventory is delayed and inaccurate.
  • Labor costs are often estimated and billing becomes inaccurate.

Wondering how to solve this problem?  Field Mobility Solutions empower technicians and reps to up-sell and cross-sell on each visit by providing them instant access to customer service agreements, account and service history, and the schematics of equipment being repaired.  Smaller companies benefit from the faster, more accurate dispatch operations a field mobility solution provides, as well as the ability to capture and transmit data electronically with bar coding functionality, image capture functionality, signature capture, and payment capture.
The process of looking into field mobility solutions for your company can seem daunting; it does not have to be. Today, smaller companies with 20 -50 field technicians can utilize a field mobility solution for a fraction of yesterday’s investment.  Contact me and I can run a free analysis on your company’s needs, as well as make some simple recommendations.
For more information, you can also take a look at the L-Tron QuickView on Field Mobility Solution Trends in the HVAC Industry:
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