emergency first responseThe more I speak with healthcare professionals in both the public and private sectors, the more I understand how mandates and productivity improvements play a big role in the adoption of new technology solutions.  Emergency Supplies Management is an area where technology solutions can be the difference between life or death.emergeny supplies management
In the aftermath of several catastrophes around the world, it has become apparent that emergency preparedness and the safety of the public at large is more critical than ever.  As a citizen, I am happy to see that mandates to improve the workflow of healthcare facilities are being looked at through the eyes of those closest to recent events.
I live in a suburb of a medium-sized city and wonder, “How prepared are we as a city or county if we should be have a flood, earthquake or other disaster?”  I can’t help but question…

  • Will the first responders know where the stock hold of antibiotics or other medical supplies are located?
  • Do the current systems in place for medical services integrate with one another?
  • If I were a field medical worker, how quickly would I be able to find any recalled vaccines?
  • How would a first responder be able to track a patient from the arrival scene into the hospital?  Would data be transferred in real-time?

Wow, this just is the tip of the iceberg when I think about it!  If you had read my last blog post on emergency supply tracking, you would know that this topic is very close to me – in that I had a recent hospital visit.  As a patient, I want to feel secure knowing that the meds I am given are not past their shelf life.  I also want to ensure the meds I am given are the ones I am supposed to have, be it in the hospital or in an emergency situation.
Needless to say, Emergency Supplies Managment is a huge concern and I would like to hear any feedback that you may have on this topic.  Please comment!  If you would like assistance with your emergency management needs, don’t hesitate to email me at lynn.johnson@L-Tron.com.