Since forming the company, working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) has been a vertical focus for L-Tron.  Helping engineers develop requirements which focus on successful implementation of embedded computing and barcode scanning platforms within their own designs has helped to keep our customers successful. Working early in the process helping develop the requirements, matching technologies, capabilities and cost enables us to deliver the technical requirements with a cost-effective, technology-driven OEM Application solution.
The first steps are understanding the use of the application and studying the workflow within the application.  Every embedded application has unique requirements.  These can be size, performance, unique interfaces, operating in the dark, and so on, but every application is different.  In many cases, we can make the solution multifunctional so the platform is used for several functions. Key drivers of a successful OEM integration are to understand:

  • The use of the end product
  • The application
  • The subsystem
  • The environment
  • The workflow

Take the unique requirements and work as a team with the client and partners to develop a solution.  The ability to develop custom features such as custom cables, interfaces, and firmware are keys to success when developing OEM Application solutions.
Shifting the focus to solving the application issues and delivering the best solution will result in creating a trusting environment.  Once the design requirements are worked out and prototypes are delivered, test and refine the design until it meets or exceeds all of the requirements developed with the client. Then it is time to focus to delivering on time, everytime.