During my 10 years in Industrial Computing sales, I have run across customers who have accidentally bent the CPU socket pins on their Motherboards and Single Board Computers during CPU installation. When this occurs, most manufacturers don’t cover the repairs of the CPU socket pins under warranty. Fortunately, L-Tron Corporation provides a service where this becomes a non-issue.
CPU Socket PinsL-Tron offers a fully customized configured Motherboard and Single Board Computer solution that delivers the end user a fully operational board that includes: CPU, CPU fan, RAM, assembly and test. The product is covered under a two year warranty by the manufacturer and our customers enjoy the positive experience of receiving a fully operational unit.
Why a fully configured solution from L-Tron works:

  • Assembly & Test of CPU, CPU fan and RAM
  • Unit is fully operational when delivered
  • Two year warranty
  • Custom configurations available
  • Custom BIOS settings and software requirements accommodated

In addition to this service, L-Tron also can provide fully configured industrial rack and wall mounts, as well as embedded, touch panel and panel pc systems. We work with our customers on requirements such as gold standard images, custom BIOS settings and we can integrate customized software into your solution.  Contact us today to learn more!