This Memorial Day weekend, I was reading an article that included staggering statistics about Memorial Day.  Did you know that 1,196,793 Americans have died in active military service?  It is wonderful that we have an annual holiday to commemorate the sacrifices made by our military, but I wish there was a way to remember our service men and women as more than just a statistic.
In Israel last year, the Defence Ministry’s Department of Commemoration approved an initiative to assign each fallen Israeli soldier with a personal barcode containing their name and photo.  These barcodes will be displayed at Israel’s National Memorial Hall to be scanned using smartphones.  Furthermore, an electronic candle will light itself each year on the anniversary of the soldier’s death.

L-Tron President RAD DeRose with his father, Bob DeRose, retired U.S. Navy Pilot
L-Tron President RAD DeRose with his father Bob DeRose, Retired U.S. Navy Pilot

I recognize that this would be a tremendous undertaking here in the United States, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to use barcode technology to give future generations the opportunity to truly remember those who have died for our freedoms?

Here at L-Tron, we gratefully and solemnly remember the Americans who have given their lives in military service. 

We would also like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all of our service men and women who continue to risk their lives for us every day.

Happy Memorial Day!