Badge of Honor Association Hosts “Shop with a Cop” Event

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The Badge of Honor Association (BOHA) hosts their annual “Shop with a Cop” event in Rochester this weekend

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The Badge of Honor Association (or BOHA) is hosting their 2nd annual “Shop with a Cop” event at the Henrietta Target this coming weekend. “Shop with a Cop” begins at 11am on Sunday, December 10, 2017.


What is “Shop with a Cop?”

“Shop with a Cop” is an annual event created by the Badge of Honor Association. The event started in 2016. Last year, the children of fallen Officers from Monroe and Genesee county were invited to participate in the program. This year, each child will be treated to lunch with the BOHA team and are able to shop throughout the Henrietta Target store with a Police Officer.

The L-Tron Corporation is proud to support the Badge of Honor Association. This weekend, some of the L-Tron team will be attending the “Shop with a Cop” event. Those L-Tron employees will be helping the children shop for toys and gifts, and L-Tron will be paying for one full cart of toys. L-Tron also donated to the Badge of Honor Association for #ROCtheday on giving Tuesday.

Learn more about the 2016 event:

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About the BOHA

The Badge of Honor Association (BOHA) was founded in 2007 by RPD (Rochester Police Department) Officer Justin Collins. The BOHA’s primary mission is to unite the Law Enforcement community and provides services to 25 counties throughout Western NY. Although the Rochester chapter is hosting this weekend’s “Shop for a Cop” event, chapters also exist in Syracuse and Buffalo.

“The Badge of Honor Association focuses on supporting families of Police Officers in the event of a line of duty death, and those Officers involved in critical or serious accidents while on duty”

– Badge of Honor Association,

The BOHA provides awareness, counseling, education and recognition to fallen Officers and their families when they are involved in a critical incident, in addition to financial support. The BOHA provides the children of fallen Officers with various events, including an annual weekend family retreat and this weekend’s “Shop with a Cop” event. The BOHA also provides a network of support for these families. Recently, the BOHA created the “Books and Board” program – which is aimed at helping the children of fallen Officers attend college. The Books and Board program provides funding for college books, fees and housing to students preparing to attend.

Public donations can be made at the Badge of Honor Association website:


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