receiving and sortation

Don’t Minimize the Importance of Receiving and Sortation.

A shipment arrives.
What comes next? You probably have a set of procedures in place, but the question is: Are your procedures optimized? Is every step of the process running at the highest level of efficiency?
Receiving and sortation are critical to your warehouse operations. As the first steps in the chain of events, each consequent step can only function properly if these steps are error-free.

The Technology
Barcode and RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology allow you to quickly, accurately and easily receive, process and track materials in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. This user-friendly data collection technology,driven by Industrial Embedded Automation Computers & Industrial Flat Panel Touch Monitors, verifies inbound shipments and establishes tracking for accurate put-away, leading to more efficient picking. The use of Industrial Automation technology is rapidly growing and emerging as the go-to hardware solution due to the long end of life products that drive your receiving and inventory management system. Utilizing a standardized solution is based on quality and longevity enables platform stability, worker familiarity and most importantly, inventory accuracy. In a recent Zebra Technologies study, respondents predicted that the percentage of barcoded items will grow from about 67% today to almost 84% in the next five years alone.
How It Works
It all starts at the receiving dock, where mobile devices empower workers to be more accurate and more productive. A simple scan of a barcode, RFID tag or RMA label enables incoming shipments to be identified and verified in real-time. Also, returns can be quickly validated and updated, with automatic issue of any customer credit due.

Speed and productivity in the receiving and sortation functions increase. The same workforce can process more shipments, reducing dock-to-stock cycle times. The increased inventory visibility allows you to intelligently direct put-away or conveyance for items that are low in stock first, reducing costly out-of-stock impact on the order fulfillment process.

When the receiving process is efficient and error-free, the rest of the supply chain will run far more smoothly. Defective products, miscounts and other errors are not allowed to slip through the cracks. Every subsequent step of the manufacturing process is immediately enhanced.

How to Make your Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations Lean

Future Steps
Automating receiving with Industrial Embedded Automation Computers, Flat Panel Touch Monitors, Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers and RFID is a huge step in company progress and this initial phase is intended to pay off quickly in ROI. Your custom configured solution, developed and tailored to your specification requirements, will enable you to consistently operate one or multiple platforms, creating an immediate streamlined process. The accuracy, quality and speed of these systems not only will minimize process time but optimize your inventory management process, provide accurate inventory counts, and maximize your worker productivity.
Part II of this series will shed further light on the technology behind automating receiving processes.
After this initial automation, should you choose to continue fully automating a warehouse-wide solution, the steps will be manageable and achievable. But that’s a topic for another day. 

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