What is National App Day?


National App Day is observed annually on December 11th. The year-old day of recognition was created by CJ Thompson, the founder of Platinum Edge Media. This annual occurrence gives people a chance to share their favorite apps with others using #NationalAppDay and to check out new apps they may not have heard about yet!

There are quite a few popular apps for police officers, due to the usefulness and on-the-job assistance they provide. Here are the top 3 Law Enforcement apps you should check out:

  1. Foreign Language

The Spanish for Police app is invaluable when you’re in a criminal situation without a translator. Spanish for Police is an audio phrasebook for on-the-go reference. It includes hundreds of simple Spanish commands and questions that are commonly used by street cops. The app even includes an audio playback of the full Miranda Rights spoken in Spanish that can be played for the suspect.


  1. Quick ReferenceNational App Day

Looking for a way to brush up while off-duty? Need a reliable source to refer to roadside? The US Cop app includes a wealth of information from case law resources and training articles to accident investigation formulas and report templates to current event news feeds and pill identification guides.

  1. Crime & Crash Scene Investigation

It may come as no surprise that OSCR360 is our favorite app for police officers. Included with the purchase of OSCR360 equipment and desktop software, the OSCR360 app for tablets stores EVERYTHING you could possibly need for a crime or crash investigation in one easily accessible location. Immediately upload OSCR spherical photographs before the crime scene gets trampled or the crash scene gets cleared. Record GPS coordinates and time stamps. Include any and all digital evidence needed to build a case, from still photographs and video surveillance footage to important documents and reports. Better yet, compile all of the evidence within the OSCR desktop software to create a user-friendly presentation to use during courtroom proceedings.


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