The Badge of Honor Association’s Policeman’s Ball is an annual event that brings together the Law Enforcement community and honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Policeman's Ball 2018


On Saturday, June 2nd 2018, the Buffalo Riverside Convention Center hosted the Badge of Honor Association Policeman’s Ball. The ball is both a celebration of current Officers and the work they do everyday, as well as a way to recognize and honor those Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

This year marked the 10th year of the Policeman’s Ball. Officers from all across NY state attended. The Badge of Honor Association launched their new program ‘The Blue Line Speaks’ at this year’s ball. ‘The Blue Line Speaks’ are videos of Officers sharing their stories about the after effect of a critical incident, to let other Officers know that they are not alone. The program educates the public on the stresses that Officers and their families often face, while offering to support Officers involved in critical incidents.


“There is no other event like the Badge of Honor Policeman’s Ball. Describing the event is hard to put into words. The men and women honored have done remarkable things, and it was eye opening & life changing to hear the extraordinary events and actions of these graciously humble heroes. The BOHA ball is a wonderful platform to elevate and recognize Officers for the true heroes that they are. L-Tron is honored to support the Badge of Honor Association and all of the protectors.”

– Gayle DeRose & Elyse DeRoo, L-Tron Corporation


Fallen Officers honored at the 2018 Policeman’s Ball:

  • Officer Craig Lehner
  • NYS Trooper Joel Davis

Officers involved in critical incidents honored at the 2018 ball:

  • Officer Morgan Flickner
  • Officer Adrian Smith
  • Officer Patrick Johnson
  • Lieutenant Saun Domino
  • NYS Trooper Jeffery Shiposh
  • Investigator Scott Ferro
  • Deputy Thomas Munzert
  • Officer Joe Acquino
  • Officer Jasmine Olmstead
  • Officer Justin Tedesco
  • Deputy Richard Lundberg
  • Officer Robert Gawlak
  • Officer Nicholas Cacciatore
  • Detective Sergeant Jeremy Young
  • Detective Joseph Ingram
  • Deputy Danielle Podejko
  • K9 Sergeant Shawn Shutt
  • Lieutenant Brian Logsdon
  • Lieutenant Anthony Filipski
  • Officer William Stowell
  • Animal Control Officer Dave Bower
  • Christopher Brizendine
  • Officer Rodney Fitzgerald
  • Officer Leonard Brown
  • Officer Jacob Breen
  • Officer Michael Smith

About the Badge of Honor Association

The Badge of Honor Association is a 100% volunteer run, non-profit that supports over 25,000 Police Officers throughout western and central New York state. BOHA provides much needed support for Officers who are involved in critical incidents by providing financial support and counseling, education, and connecting them with a complete support network. The Badge of Honor also provides support for children who have lost a parent or guardian in the line of duty. The Badge of Honor touches the lives of Officers in over 28 counties. Sponsorship and donations are always needed to support the costs of the Ball, as well as to fund ongoing BOHA initiatives.

Policemans Ball

The LTC team is always looking for ways to ‘Back the Blue’ and to give back to the Western NY community. Our Edu-Techie team was honored to attend the ball, and partner with the Badge of Honor Association.



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