Sergeant Hank Kula (Ret.) & Sheriff’s Deputy Andy McNeill (Ret.) are confirmed to speak at the 2018 IAI Conference in San Antonio, TX


L-Tron is sending two members of our Law Enforcement Support team, Sergeant Hank Kula (Ret) and Deputy Andy McNeill (Ret), to the 2018 IAI Conference. The IAI (International Association for Identification) educational conference is scheduled for July 29th to August 5th in San Antonio, TX. Sergeant Kula’s breakout session is entitled “Case Study: The Use of Forensic Photography in a Greece, NY Homicide,” while Deputy McNeill’s session is entitled, “An Introduction to Spherical Imaging.”

Overview of 2018 IAI Conference presentations:

“Case Study: The Use of Forensic Spherical Photography in a Greece, NY Homicide”

This breakout session examines the use of 360-degree spherical photography on the scene of a domestic-related stabbing. The primary presentation will be preceded by a brief review of available forensic spherical imaging technologies. The session will be given by technicians who actually worked the case study crime  scene and focuses on the use of spherical photography. Presenters will cover how the images were used for scene documentation, and the potential of using the spherical photos as “containers” for all other evidence, including reports. There will be an overview of how spherical images can be used to preserve, organize, and present all other digital evidence for case management and the courtroom. Sergeant Kula will share his experience and recommended scene procedures to produce that “fair and accurate representation” standard we all demand.

“Introduction to Forensic Spherical Imaging”

In a data-driven society increasingly influenced and directed by technological advances in digital media, studies show people retain more information when it is presented in visual formats. Investigators, prosecutors, jurors, and judges are demanding the legal field catch-up and stay current with technology trends in today’s world.

From the crime scene to the courtroom, spherical imaging is an accepted and often expected forensic tool. Deputy McNeill’s presentation will provide an introduction to spherical photography and how 360 degree photos may supplement & support your DLSR photographs. From photography and laser scanning, to video and augmented reality, we will briefly review the myriad forensic options available in the ever-evolving world of spherical imaging.

What will participants learn?

  • The benefits of using 360-degree spherical imaging.
  • Issues that may arise, and why crime scene photography must be accurate.
  • How to clear a crime scene in a more timely manner.
  • How to create more concise case presentations.
  • The ability to have others view the scene as you saw it, even after it has been cleared.

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About Sergeant Kula

Hank Kula is a retired Police Sergeant with 26 years in Law Enforcement. A certified crime scene investigator, crash reconstructionist and former journalist, Hank worked as a police instructor with recruits, veteran officers and supervisors. His instructional specialties are in crime scene management and investigations, photography, communications and public information.

Hank is a member of the L-Tron Law Enforcement support team.

About Deputy Sheriff McNeill, MFS, ACTAR, CSCSAACTAR and IAI Credits

Andy McNeill is a retired Sheriff’s Deputy with over 20 years in Law Enforcement. Andy is an ACTAR-accredited collision reconstructionist and an IAI-certified senior crime scene analyst. He has worked as a police instructor and runs several forensic photography training courses. He is a new addition to the L-Tron Law Enforcement Support team.

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