L-Tron Attended the 2017 ATSIP Traffic Records Forum in New OrleansATSIP 2017 Traffic Records Forum

L-Tron team members Julianne and Charlie returned from the 2017 ATSIP Traffic Records Forum this week. This year’s forum was held in New Orleans, LA from August 6th and 9th. ATSIP, or the Association of Transportation Safety Information Professionals,  seeks to “further the development and sharing of traffic records system procedures, tools and professionalism.”

This year’s conference consisted of roughly 300 attendees, vendors, exhibitors and presenters. L-Tron was proud to be an exhibitor, along with several of our partners including Brother and DigiTicket.

The Traffic Records Forum agenda included topics such as:

  • The eVolution of eCitation
  • Data-Driven Safety Analysis: Integrating Safety Performance into ALL Transportation Investment Decisions
  • Citation/Adjudication Open Forum Discussion
  • Saving Lives on the Road with Big Data
  • Forecasting Crash Locations using Existing Transport Data
  • Data Quality – Establishing Crash Data Performance Metrics
  • Overview of a Successful eCite Project – a paperless, efficient, integrated system
  • CTCrash, Connecticut Crash Data Analysis System

ATSIP Crash pictureThe OSCR360 Solution

L-Tron highlighted OSCR360 & demonstrated how Officers could use the solution to organize all of their crash data and evidence. The OSCR360 Solution allows Officers and Investigators to take 360 degree pictures of a crash scene and instantly view the images on our OSCR tablet. The photos can be synced to the OSCR360 desktop application. Then, supporting multi-media evidence files can be added to build a case or presentation. This can be utilized by insurance companies, data analysts, judges, etc. to understand exactly what happened and why. The OSCR360 Solution can take images from inside the car, or from our 27 foot mast, providing any possible perspective that may support (or disprove) witness claims. To learn more about OSCR, visit https://www.L-Tron.com/OSCR360.

The OSCR360 Solution allows Officers to:

  • Quickly capture the scene of a crash, opening up roads faster.
  • Limit evidence compromised by changing conditions, scene contamination, or other emergency personnel.
  • Keep Officers safer by reducing the time spent at a crash scene.

L-Tron would like to congratulate Denise and Rebecca, the winners of our Amazon Echo and Monitor! We can’t wait for ATSIP 2018 in Milwaukee, WI.

ATSIP Winner Denise