Have you ever had an experience when, as a customer, you provided a company with feedback? It happens every day across many different industries. Personally, I have been in a couple of situations in which poor service or product was provided and the management could not have cared less. Frustrating!
Well, I decided to write this blog with a slightly different spin on customer feedback. In this instance, customer feedback was actually taken to heart and customers have been rewarded with a novel product. Zebra Technologies’ customers were looking for a printer with the innovative technology they had come to depend on from Zebra, but with a more efficient and affordable design.
In response, Zebra Technologies developed the ZT200 Industrial Printer Series, which includes the ZT220 and ZT230. The streamlined design and smaller printer footprint allow the ZT200 to be a space-saving replacement to the S4M. The ZT200 also features an effective printer set-up, simple user operation and easy service & maintenance that enables the ZT200 to work effectively with a variety of applications.
Zebra ZT200Before jumping in and choosing the most cost-effective solution between the ZT220 and the ZT230, however, there a few differences I think you may want to be aware of.
1.  The ZT220 only accommodates a 300 meter ribbon. Standard is usually up to a 450 meter ribbon, which the ZT230 model is able to accomodate.
2.  The ZT230 includes an LCD screen, a full funtion keypad and a metal case, whereas the ZT220 has a three button keypad, no LCD screen and a polymer case.
If you have a barcode labeling application requiring frequent formatting and printer setting changes, the ZT200 series is definitely the most affordable 4” industrial tabletop barcode printing solution around. Regardless of your choice, Zebra has come out with two great printing products and has shown that they take customer feedback to heart, which is a positive in my book!

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