how employers can retain millennials
This is the last and third part in our “What do Millennials Look for in an Employer” series. You can read Part 1 here, which discusses the desire for workplace flexibility. You can read Part 2 here, which discusses the need for workplace transparency and the need to better oneself.

This last part in the series will discuss how employers can embrace the millennial mindset.

These are several of the expectations that the young working generation have today when seeking employment.

So the question of the day is, “Should employers run for cover or embrace the challenge?” 

Sure, Millennials may have some different views of the workplace as compared to prior generations, but the Millennial generation truly is talented and the fact of the matter is that they bring plenty of great qualities to the table.
Millennials aren’t ruining the workplace, but they are changing it.
You many ask, “Why should I be catering my company to these kids?” The simple answer is that most Millennials will not stick around otherwise.
Take large tech companies such as Google or Facebook. These companies have tons of perks and great benefits, yet Business Insider reports that they only hold on to employees for on average two years.
While most companies don’t have the same extreme turnover that Google has, the tenures of employees in the 21st century is undeniably shorter.
The fact is Millennials, and Gen X, will often move to a new company when a better option comes along.
There is no single answer to keeping employees, but it is something we have covered before.
It’s clear that as the workforce is handed over to the younger generation, the workplace is going to need to reflect what they are looking for in order to attain and retain talent.
With each successive generation, the workplace changes. That’s not something that can be altered, that’s just the march of time.
And while the shift may seem worrisome, remember that Millennials are just the new breed of worker, not some alien species. They want many of the same things any other generation has wanted when they enter the workforce. They want a steady job, the respect of their peers, and the ability to move up in the world.
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