What if… a Traffic Officer could have access to all of the accident reports, or what time most speeding tickets were issued on a stretch of highway in an assigned patrol area?
What if… a Patrol Officer knew what open arrest warrants or high risk sex offenders were living nearby at any given time?
What if… the Officer on a beat could retrieve all of the data from the department’s RMS system?
The data is out there. It’s in the RMS system, at the DOT, at the DMV, in court records. It is all there and it’s BIG data!  So why are large municipalities are spending millions of dollars to analyze, filter and display this data?  Giving access to front line officers, supervisors and detectives can improve public safety, the situational awareness of an Officer.  Data can save money and it can save lives.  It increases efficiencies, resulting in a safer community at a lower cost.
Dolphin Black
What if… there was a smartphone rugged enough for the front lines?
What if… it had an integrated barcode scanner for reading IDs and driver’s licenses?
What if… we could manage it remotely, based on user security or location?
What if… our applications were cloud-based so there are never security risks if a phone was lost or stolen?
What if… the solution to all of these questions could be found within one remarkable device?

Honeywell’s Dolphin70e Black, with CrimeView NearMe and Remote Equipment Management

dolphin-blackWith the Dolphin Black and CrimeView technology, police officers can retrieve all of the information pertaining to them in a graphic, easy-to-interpret display.  They can use the same type of technology to display Law Enforcement data that we use to pull up a list of nearby restaurants or gas stations with attached maps.
Think about switching from “map view” to “satellite view” or even to “street view” for a “drive by.”  It is an intuitive way to display lots of information graphically.  This technology can empower our frontline Patrol Officers and Detectives.  We can provide access to officers who are authorized to have it – and need it.
First responders will no longer go into dangerous situations blindly.  They will be able to display outstanding warrants, domestic violence, gun charges, stolen vehicles, high-risk sex offenders, arrests or incidents at any given address.  This technology is powerful; it improves Officer safety, public safety and potentially save lives.
As exciting as this “technology of enablement” is, another key feature is how inexpensive it can be.  The ROI (Return on Investment) is huge.  Using the rugged Dolphin Black will:

  • Decrease the amount of administrative time officers use dealing with damaged equipment.
  • Improve accuracy and speed up data entry by reading information on IDs and licenses.
  • Reduce capital outlays by using cloud-based applications.
  • Speed up the rollout and adoption of technology in the Law Enforcement field.

Interested in learning more? I am hosting a free webinar on July 30, 2013 from 11:00 – 11:30AM EST.