New Advantech Automation products promise superior performance and lower energy consumption.
Industrial Ethernet Switches and Touch Panel PCs: Faster,  Smarter, Greener
L-Tron Corporation announces the availability of several new low-power industrial automation products by Advantech Corporation.  The EKI-3000 Series is comprised of four smart industrial Ethernet switches, while the PPC-3120 is a 12” Fanless Touch Panel PC.
Both the 5-port EKI-3725 and 8-port EKI-3728 models are unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switches, while the 5-port EKI- 3525 and 8-port EKI-3528 have 100Mbps Ethernet.  Each EKI model comes equipped with with smart diagnostics to discover system faults and dedicated priority ports to prioritize the traffic coming over those ports. The switches conserve up to 60% in power consumption, in part by restricting power to ports that are in use, and also produce less heat than previous EKI models.
The PPC-3120 has multiple energy-conserving attributes, including the latest Intel Atom processor, which offers a 40% improvement on power processing and 4 times improved graphics performance compared to previous models.  A power-saving light sensor automatically dims and brightens the display screen according to the surrounding lighting conditions.  Power consumption is further reduced with a built-in power saving integrated circuit that ensures that the PC doesn’t
consume more than 1W while in standby mode.
s Advantech Specialist, Jeremy Miller says, “In today’s industrial environments, energy costs are on the rise and companies are faced with the struggle to improve output, all while saving money and ‘going green.’ Advantech is rising to the occasion with these new power-saving products that do not sacrifice quality in the least.”
L-Tron and Advantech
have partnered together for over 20 years, offering the highest quality, highest performance computing platforms to integrate with client requirements.  In February 2013, Advantech named L-Tron Corporation its AOnline Engaged Channel Partner (AECP) for the Northeast United States.  L-Tron provides clients with Advantech Automation products that range from embedded fanless box PCs, HMI solutions, and remote Ethernet enabled data collection to wireless gateways and switches.