Police Communication when it matters most

3 Ways to be Ready.

October 27th 1400 - 1500 EST


In the current world environment, you need the best of the best for your frontline Officers. You need to keep the Officers on the street safe, and one critical piece includes keeping your communication lines open and accessible, all the time. In a critical situation, you need reliable police communication.

What happens when you have unreliable communication?

Jammed Networks

Too many people may be accessing the network. This means lines could be blocked and you can’t reach other officers during public emergencies including major fires, protests, storms and other critical incidents.

Dead Spots = No Connection

Do you patrol in rural areas? Without a reliable network connection, you might have difficulty with dead spots.  

Delayed Response

In an emergency, every second counts. Are you unable to quickly communicate? How do you ensure you can have resources where and when you need them, keeping Communication open for Law Enforcement.

Over Extended Budgets

Is your department spending too much money on service contracts? Does your hardware need to be updated or replaced?

Your Department needs reliable communication.

When: October 27th
Time:  1400 – 1500 (2:00 – 3:00 pm) EST
Cost: Free

*This webinar will be available On Demand.
We understand interruptions are a part of your day-to-day.

This 45 minute webinar will highlight the benefits of reliable communication and connectivity. It starts with updating your agency’s gateway/router in the trunk of your patrol vehicle.   

Fill out this contact form to save your seat and register for the webinar “Police Communication when it Matters Most: 3 Ways to be Ready.​” Julianne will be contacting you to confirm your spot. A webinar link will be delivered to the email provided upon registration.


What will the webinar cover?

Police Communication when it Matters Most: 3 Ways to be Ready.

In a critical situation, you need reliable communication & connectivity.

Communication when you need it most

Keep lines of communication open in critical incidents with a dedicated, secure private network, real-time data sharing, and location services for tracking of people, tools and resources. Stay connected, don't worry about public networks being bogged down during a critical incident.

Future Proof Your Patrol Fleet with the ICR-3241

What is the right technology for your patrol car? The ICR-3241 gateway router comes with lifetime support from L-Tron & the manufacturer. This rugged router is priced at $300 less than competitors.

Dual SIM Capabilities

If you are in rural areas or areas prone to dead spots, automatically switch to a different carrier to ensure you have connectivity.

ecitation products

What else will be covered?

  • What is the value of a dedicated first responder network?
  • Expand your footprint with the ICR-3241 gateway router in your patrol car. Hear more from the product’s creators. 
  • Ask all your questions – A Q&A session will be available during the webinar



The Voice of Law Enforcement

Hear from IT & Law Enforcement Officers who have dealt with communication issues and tested new technology. 

First Responders need uninterrupted coverage, real-time data sharing, and optimized location services for real-time tracking of people, tools and resources, in addition to uninterrupted coverage during emergency events and events with large gatherings. Make sure your lines of communication are open and secure during critical incidents. A router or gateway that is compatible with a dedicated first responder network ensures communication and provides the reliability of a private band.

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Over the past 20 years working with law enforcement, we understand that you work a 24/7/365 job with virtually no margin for error. Stress levels are at a max and you are busy keeping us safe all the time. Our job is to alleviate some of that burden by creating tools that make your job easier. From roadside stops and traffic accidents to crime scene investigation and incident pre-planning, our solutions are developed from your voice. You ask, we deliver. Click for more on L-Tron’s Law Enforcement offerings.

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L-Tron and Advantech have been partnered together for approximately 30 years. Over the course of our continued partnership, L-Tron has earned several awards and has been recognized as a top performer and a Premier Partner. This provides clients with immediate access to the highest levels of service and support at Advantech. We are also able to pass the best pricing on to you. Advantech’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) group is recognized as a leading manufacturer of intelligent automation technology and is consistently listed as one of the 50 top global automation suppliers. Click for more on Advantech.

"This product is the best of the best for the front line in Law Enforcement. Officer safety is critical and in critical situations you need reliable communication. We can also bridge the gap in areas with dead spots with the dual SIM capability. It's a win-win for Law Enforcement."
Pete Butler
Pete Butler
Police Officer (Ret.), L-Tron Law Enforcement Support