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The Story of a Dedicated Police Officer and How the Community can Help

Not too long ago I was out to dinner with some girlfriends, and as we were catching up on life, I got to hear about new babies, a job layoff, an engagement story, a car accident and tales from a trip to Europe.
But what stuck out to me the most from the whole evening, was my friend’s stories about her fiancée, a local police officer. You see, he has been involved in some amazing- albeit terrifying – situations lately.
A couple months ago, the officer approached a scene where the operator of a vehicle was acting unpredictably. To make a very long story short, the Officer was physically attacked and suffered a concussion and multiple cuts and bruises before help arrived.
I asked my friend if it was hard for him to go back to work and she replied, “No. He loves what he does.” She went on to explain how the week after he went back to work, he was at a call where he found 3 young children abandoned in a downstairs apartment. The home was filthy and disgusting with dirt, urine and feces. There was no food in the house.
The Officer was able to seek appropriate care for the kids and follow up with them a week or two later, once they had been safely placed in the care of a family member. He personally took it upon himself to bring them some small, much needed gifts.
No one asked him to do this. No one told him to. But he did. As do SO many of our Law Enforcement officers on a daily basis.
I was shaken when I heard these stories because yes – I am well aware that officers put their lives on the line all the time. And yes – I know that there are children in awful situations out there – too many to count.
Yet, how often in my daily life do I actually THINK about these situations? How often do I truly appreciate what the Police Officers in my community risk to keep my loved ones safe? How often do I think about the children who are scared or hungry or suffering right in my own community?
L-Tron is currently running a fundraising event called the “Cuddle Bear Drive” and the purpose is to provide the Rochester, NY Police Department with books and matching teddy bears that officers can distribute to young children during traumatic calls.
We know that many Officers want to help and many of them dig into their own pockets to do so. We know there is not always a lot of trust between the community and its officers, but a positive relationship is crucial if we want the community to become a better place. We know that there are worried, distressed children who just need someone to show they care; to impact their young lives in a positive way.
So if you’ve been wondering why we are doing the Cuddle Bear Drive….now you know.
Let’s all join together and make a difference!
cuddle bear drive