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Thermal Media FAQs: Your printer paper questions answered 

On a weekly basis, our Law Enforcement team speaks with agencies looking for mobile printers, printer paper and eCitation equipment. Whether they are printing e-tickets, accident reports, or other types of forms on the roadside, we hear the same questions asked again, and again. This Thermal Media FAQs blog is meant to answer the biggest questions you have about mobile printing and media.

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Thermal Paper Frustrations: What happens when you run out of thermal paper rolls?

Police officers are expert at telling stories and solving the world’s problems. At least at roll call with a cup of coffee, or at a bar over a beer. But get a cop to feed one of those fresh thermal paper rolls into a patrol car’s mobile printer? It’s akin to changing the toilet paper roll at home. Even then, there’s that leading-edge question: Over or under?