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Common Crash Reconstruction Glossary Terms

Considering that crash reconstruction is a specialized field, it comes as no surprise that there are quite a few words and phrases exclusive to those in the profession. The list below contains the definitions of several common glossary terms that a crash investigator will likely be familiar with. 

Tools needed to document a crash scene

What are the tools needed to document a crash scene?

Crash Scene Investigators must be properly equipped to perform their job. This means they must possess both the know-how and certain basic equipment. After hundreds of hours of training, including time spent reconstructing staged collisions, one can become a certified reconstructionist.

Crash reconstruction tools vary agency to agency, depending on department size, budget, responsibilities and needs.

OSCR360 is not a total station

What’s the Difference Between a Laser Measuring Device and OSCR360?

  Crime scenes and motor vehicle crashes are often complex and difficult to figure out. That’s why police departments train their people to be forensic and crash reconstruction specialists. That’s also why civilian crash reconstructionists and private investigators follow up such incidents. These specialists are experts who investigate and determine the chain of events leading …

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