Use Mobile Devices to Improve the Retail Customer Experience

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(A 2 minute read…) Everyone makes mistakes. But in the retail industry, you might not have the opportunity to fix it. A 2015 LoyaltyOne study of “dysfunctional retail touchpoints” uncovered that 81% of unhappy shoppers do not complain to the store management about the experience. They leave quietly and share their complaint with everyone else—friends,… Read More

IoT Security Risks: 4 Steps to Create a Cyber Risk Management Plan

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  Welcome back to the second installment in our series on IoT security risks. In part 1, we discussed the security vulnerabilities associated with embedded devices that are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, we will explore the cyber risks that your organization may face and address some proactive steps that you can… Read More

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Tech-Savvy Shoppers Drive the Retail Technology Trends for 2017

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Millennials represent the largest population of consumers in the United States right now. They are also addicted to their technology, so they utilize it in every way possible. As consummate shoppers, they’re strong influencers of retail trends—not just the products on the market, but the way they make purchases. These tech-savvy shoppers are driving the… Read More

2D Barcodes: 5 Reasons You Need Them

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Barcodes have been in use commercially for decades. 1D Barcodes As businesses recognized the value of storing more information in these linear codes, they realized that the good, old-fashioned 1D barcode—which stores the equivalent of approximately 20 to 25 alphanumeric characters—wasn’t enough. 2D Barcodes The 2D barcode has been around for over 10 years, but… Read More

What is machine learning—and why does it matter?

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I’m fascinated with the power and potential of big data. Technology has enabled us to gather vast amounts of data. Then what happens? We analyze it to see patterns and shape predictions that can help us make better business decisions. Machine learning is an essential complement to big data. This type of artificial intelligence expedites… Read More

Is eBay getting inside your mind as well as your pockets?

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Twenty-one years ago, shoppers discovered the thrill of the online auction when eBay was born. Since opening on Labor Day weekend in 1995, eBay has grown to become an e-commerce powerhouse that has challenged Amazon for world domination. While eBay began with people selling their own “stuff”, about 80% of what’s now sold on the… Read More

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Can Retailers Pump up POS for a Better Shopper Experience?

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Retaining customer loyalty is a direct result of the quality of the shopper experience. Most shoppers will say the biggest bump in the path to purchase is the checkout—or specifically, the lines. Self-checkout has become less of a novelty as more retailers have invested in the POS technology to empower customers to handle this task… Read More

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Wanted: More Women Technology Leaders

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Women now comprise 57% of the professional workforce.    We’re a majority. Well, not everywhere. Women in technology represent a small minority. In fact, the number of women working in computer and math fields has actually decreased from a mere 28.8% to an even smaller 26.1% between 2003 and 2012—in spite of the growth that… Read More

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Barcode Scanners from High Density to Extended Range

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When I started working here, I had no idea about the different scanning ranges offered on various barcode scanners and why different options were required. My assumption brought me to believe that the scanner or imager would simply work at any close range and scanning items at a distance was simply not in the cards…. Read More

Money on the move: The future of mobile payments

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Cash is becoming obsolete. It’s cumbersome.  And when you can pay for something as small as a pack of gum by waving your phone or card at a machine, why bother weighing yourself down with something as “old-news” as dollar bills and coins? Consumers are in a never-ending search for the next cool thing that… Read More