1456201071_signalNo matter where we go, we expect to be connected to WiFi.

It has become so common, we don’t even think about it – until we cannot connect to the internet, and how annoying is that!?

Zebra Technologies explains how critical this is going to become in retail environments.

When we are at a restaurant, shopping mall or  a coffee shop,  we expect to access information we are looking for instantly. When we don’t, we are left unhappy, potentially causing a loss in sales and eventually a loss in brand loyalty.

Retailers should use upgraded guest WiFi to their advantage. *The recommended upgrade is 802.11ac technology.


  • Increase the number of devices that can connect without slowing down speed
  • Enable users to stream videos quickly, which normally uses a lot of bandwidth
  • Up to 3x faster speed/connection for users

You can create customer loyalty programs and promotions to create engagement in your retail store.  Upgraded WiFi can also enhance a retailer’s own analytics by tracking a customer’s location in the store, where they are going, how long they are looking at a product and more.

For more detail, you can read the full article titled ‘Talking With Zebra Technologies on Why Wi-Fi is a Must-have in Retail Technology


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