Happy National Engineer’s Week to our L-Tron Engineers!
L-Tron Engineers

National Engineers Week  was started in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers and speaks to the contributions and influences that engineers make to society worldwide.  It is celebrated every year in February by thousands of engineers, engineering students, teachers and leaders in government and business.

We thought it was a great reason to celebrate our own in-house engineers with a little luncheon/ party atmosphere last Friday.

We love our engineers, not just because they deliver great work; they are a quirky, creative really fun group; engineers are truly “game changers”! 

If not an engineer themselves, many of our team members are loaded with engineers within their family. (Is it a phenomenon?)

We are curious by nature and posed a question to our engineers “Why do you love engineering?”, ” Why do you love being an engineer?”.

It was an easy question to ask because it is obvious to us that our engineering staff is truly passionate – we see it every day in their work ethic, dedication, customer service, problem solving skills and I could go on and on.
Instead I am happy to share some answers to the question:

Charlie_Author picBeing an engineer means two things to me. First, it means I can continue repeating the most frustrating question that a parent hears from their children: WHY? Secondly, it give me purpose to answer that same question as a problem solver.”
–Charlie (Senior Engineer)


Bio_Ken“I can be creative”
–Ken (Director of Engineering)



DSC_0019“As a high schooler I was always interested in science.  I looked at what could provide a good education and provide a platform which would allow me to work in a field which is challenging and rewarding. 

“Engineering, part science, and part art, I am always working on new problems, coming up with creative ways to look at and solve issues.”

–RAD (CEO/Engineer)


Bio_Trevor“I am glad to be an engineer because working on solving problems is fun.”
–Trevor (Solutions Group Director)




Bio_Viet“Why I love engineering.
• It’s breathtaking to be able to come up with an idea or taken an idea and be able to bring it into fruition.
• The fact that it’s limitless, technology can change everything, good or bad.
• Engineering is beautiful and a form of art
• Engineering is collaborative
• It’s always challenging the status quo”
–Viet (Director of Platform Development)

I see a pattern–do you?