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No rest for the OSCR360 team this Memorial Day, as the team traveled to both Illinois & Virginia over the past 2 weeks. OSCR stopped by the Illinois State Police and demoed with Departments in Ottawa, Springfield, and Champaign, IL.

       Established in 1922, the Illinois State Police has over 3,000 sworn civilians and personnel that are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the state. The Ottawa Police Department consists of 36 sworn officers that are assigned to the Patrol Division, Detective Division, or the public school system as School Resource Officers. Springfield Police Department is separated into three divisions that consist of Field Operations, Investigations, and Administrative Services. Their Fire Department also consists of 4 divisions that over see Operations, Fire Safety, Training, and Tech Services. In Champaign, the Police Department was founded in 1855 and is comprised of 16 departments that are dedicated to protecting the city.

Following the trip to Illinois, the L-Tron team will be visiting Virginia Police Departments in Norfolk, Westmoreland, and Fauquier County to show how OSCR360 can be used for crime scene investigations and empowering first responders.

         In Virginia, OSCR will be revisiting the Norfolk Police Department, which ensures the safety of the over 242,000 people in the area. The Westmoreland County Sheriff has 6 divisions that encompass Support Services, Patrol, Investigations, Communications, Court Services, and Special Assignments. In Fauquier County, the Sheriff’s Office divided into 11 departments that service the community and citizens.

         OSCR360 was designed directly from the voice & feedback of law enforcement officers. One Detective from Indiana showed interest in OSCR because, “You can tell that the equipment is built first and foremost for Law Enforcement”.

“One of our key differentiators is that we talk less and listen to our customers more. With OSCR360, Officers helped us to recognize their need for better case organization tools, 360 degree photography, and a way to present this information in court. We build our solutions directly from the voice of Law Enforcement and are proud to have worked FOR Law Enforcement & government agencies for over 20 years.”

Gayle DeRose, Chief Marketing Officer & Company Owner, L-Tron.

Next, OSCR360 will be returning to Illinois and paying a special visit to the Chicago Fire Department.

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