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Criminal Justice Partnership brings OSCR360 to Fort Worth, TX

OSCR360 was recently spotted in the Weatherford, Texas news, following a joint purchase between three of the community’s local criminal justice agencies. Parker County District Attorney’s Office, Parker County Sheriff’s Office, and Weatherford Police Department teamed together to share costs and equipment. This has brought cutting-edge investigative technology to all three agencies. OSCR360 will be used at crime scenes, crash scenes, and in the courtroom to aid in the criminal justice process. 

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How did the Weatherford PD & Parker County hear about OSCR?

District Attorney Jeff Swain first discovered OSCR360 at an attorney’s conference last fall. He contacted Police Chief Lance Arnold and Sheriff Russ Authier to explain how OSCR360 could benefit their departments. The system will capture high-quality, 360-degree images at crime scenes. Later, investigators and prosecutors can embed close-up evidence photos, surveillance video, other scene documentation and digital evidence, to create a visual walk-through for courtroom presentation. Ultimately, OSCR360 allows viewers to walk in the shoes of investigators and see the crime scene for themselves.

Arnold and Authier were immediately interested and the group set-up a demo with the L-Tron team. OSCR360 was developed directly from the input of law enforcement and district attorneys. This makes OSCR both easy and effective for investigators to use on a regular basis. 

As quoted from the original news story, Authier said “We are willing to help and work cooperatively with other Parker County law enforcement and respond and assist them with processing their crime scenes as well. [OSCR360] is something that will be good for all of our county’s law enforcement as well as the district attorney’s office.” 

While law enforcement funding is not always easy to come by, the Parker County leaders sought out creative means to fund an OSCR360 purchase, without costing taxpayers. Instead, the agencies used forfeiture funds to jointly purchase the system.

In addition to cost sharing and forfeiture funds, other law enforcement agencies have sought funding through municipal budget requests and grants through the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Others, like Boerne Police Department, request funding through community-sponsored non-profit organizations.

Additional Information 

Parker County is located just west of Fort Worth and is home to a population of more than 140,000 residents. Weatherford is the County’s largest city and is known for its western heritage and horse-training excellence. 

About L-Tron

L-Tron has partnered with law enforcement agencies for over two decades, and they are best-known for the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader for eCitation and OSCR360. L-Tron proudly “Backs the Blue.” The company employs retired Police Officers; supports organizations like the Badge of Honor Association, Cookies for a Cop, and Books and Bears; and hosts educational events for Officers. 


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