L-Tron team members took a trip this past Tuesday to Honeywell’s Skaneateles location in New York. Team members from Sales, Marketing, and Operations were able to participate in an interactive learning session with Honeywell, bringing back even more expertise on products and the company has a whole.

Edu-Tech team member Jason Shanley said “Learning product and industry knowledge from some of the greatest minds in scanning and mobility is something you can’t get anywhere else. Not only did we learn a wealth of information on our visit, we strengthened our relationship with an industry leader.”

Team members also got to play around with The Voyager 1200G and conduct a scribble test – where a barcode is scribbled on with pen, and the Voyager scanner still scans the barcode!

Honeywell also gave us a few tips-n-tricks!  Did you know there are over 100 different barcode symbologies today? Symbologies are required because a single barcode is not universal to all applications. You can read a few more we learned on Twitter!

Thanks for having us, Honeywell!