The L-Tron team will be sponsoring and presenting at the third annual International Forensic Photography Symposium, which will take place virtually from January 22-25, 2024. The symposium will cover the latest and most advanced forensic photography solutions and techniques in the industry today. L-Tron’s Andrew McNeill, an experienced forensics photographer of over 20 years, is scheduled to present his talk, “Spherical Photography for Crime Scene Documentation,” at 1:30 PM on January 24.

While traditional forensic photography remains a valuable tool, spherical photography addresses two key limitations of traditional photography: spatial context and immersion within the scene. Spherical photography with OSCR360 not only adds unmatched depth and perspective to crime scene photographs, but the OSCR360 system also integrates GPS data and allows investigators to incorporate digital evidence into their project to create an impactful virtual walkthrough of the crime scene.

“To really present, I think, a thorough representation of a scene, you’ve got to go spherical. The days of just flat photography as your only means of expressing how the scene looked, I think are past us, and I think this is a great way to immerse jurors, who really expect this kind of technology now anyway.”

Andy McNeill, L-Tron Law Enforcement Support

McNeil’s presentation will guide participants through the process of using OSCR360 throughout an investigation, beginning at live scenes, and into the courtroom. He will illustrate how the patented OSCR360 effectively documents crime, crash, arson, and environmental scenes. Then OSCR360 allows users to store and organize additional digital evidence from the case.

Find out more about how OSCR360 organizes and presents the facts of the case for investigators, prosecutors, and jurors at

L-Tron is proud to be a Bronze Level sponsor for this year’s International Forensic Photography Symposium.

Spherical Photography | ft. Andrew McNeill | Forensic Photography Symposium 2024

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