L-Tron Corporation partners with The Omega Group to provide industry-leading Law Enforcement software solutions.

L-Tron Corporation is pleased to announce its partnership with The Omega Group, which provides solutions for law enforcement, public safety and education agencies. The Omega Group is the industry-leading developer of innovative Geographic Information Systems software designed to assist public agencies with their daily data driven decisions.

L-Tron’s most recent Law Enforcement solution, combines technology from The Omega Group and Honeywell Scanning and Mobility.  The solution is the first proactive Law Enforcement solution to graphically display a department’s RMS data on a single device that is tough enough to withstand the demands of the front line.

The Omega Group’s NearMe App provides Patrol Officers with the immediate “behind the scenes” information they need prior to arriving at a potentially dangerous situation. On the front lines, data is highlighted on an area map with color- and picture-coded flags depicting past crimes, ranging from speeding and traffic light violations to vandalism, theft, and violence. Authorized Officers and Detectives can zoom in or out to retrieve data from a particular neighborhood or an entire city, and view a particular location using Google Street View or Satellite View. Accident reports can be quickly retrieved, as can addresses, photos, and personal information for high risk sex offenders and individuals with open arrest warrants.

RAD DeRose, President and CEO of L-Tron Corporation, says, “With NearMe technology, Police Officers can access all of the information pertaining to them in a graphic, easy-to-interpret display. They can use the same type of intuitive technology to display Law Enforcement data that we commonly use to pull up a list of nearby restaurants or gas stations on Google Maps.”

L-Tron Corporation hosted a complimentary webinar entitled, “Your RMS Data on Google Maps,” on July 30, 2013, featuring Gabriela Coverdale from The Omega Group. To access the audio and video from the webinar, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owPrv6Vqz0o&feature=c4-overview&list=UUBdpFzFN3_aLV9dSuuhR1ng.