L-Tron hosted a well-attended “Your RMS on Google Maps” webinar. If you missed it, the webinar-on-demand can be accessed here: http://info.l-tron.com/crimeview-overview-webinar-on-demand/


RAD DeRose, CEO of L-Tron Corporation, hosted a complimentary webinar for the Law Enforcement community on July 30, 2013 from 11:00 AM 11:30 AM EST. Guest presenter and industry expert, Gabriela Coverdale, provided an overview of The Omega Group’s CrimeView analysis and mapping technology. The webinar, entitled “Your RMS Data on Google Maps” demonstrated how the latest technology can help Law Enforcement position their officers effectively and efficiently to increase public safety.  Honeywell’s ruggedized DolphinTM 70e Black smartphone was also introduced.


According to DeRose, “The CrimeView Webinar was well-attended and the product overview was achieved within our 20 minute target time. The interest was so high among the attendees that the question and answer segment continued for an additional 30+ minutes.”

DeRose continues, “We are getting ready to schedule the next installment of this webinar series, which will focus exclusively on the predictive policing aspects of the product.  CrimeView Part II…Stay tuned!!”

If you missed Part I of our CrimeView webinar, please click the link below to access the audio/video.