L-Tron President, RAD DeRose and COO, Gayle DeRose held L-Tron’s annual company award ceremony last week. Congratulations to all of the award recipients!Congratulations

  • The recipients of L-Tron’s 2013 Leadership Awards have exemplified professionalism and modeled L-Tron corporate values on a daily basis. Congratulations to:
  • Operations Team: Sally Schneider
  • Marketing Team: Tony Mai
  • Sales Team: Charlie Waldman
  • The recipients of L-Tron’s 2013 Marketing Excellence Award, Tony Mai, Carmella Giancursio, and Rachel Alexander, have routinely demonstrated team collaboration, innovation, and project execution.
  • The 2013 RAD Award was presented to Sally Schneider, who demonstrated Results>Actions>Dedication through service excellence, zero defects, 100% quality, going the extra mile, professionalism and attendance.
  • L-Tron’s 2013 Salesman of the Year, Jeremy Miller had the greatest numbers of new and existing customers, the most quotes and proposals, and was a member of L-Tron’s 2 Million Dollar Club.
  • L-Tron’s 2013 Professional Growth Award was given to Lauralee Vegvari for her flexibility, proactive approach, exemplary training of new staff, and excellent stockroom performance.
  • L-Tron’s 2013 Eagle Eyes Award went to Cathy Knights, who has looked out for the Company’s interests, preventing fraud and catching and alerting to over charges in multiple areas.