L-Tron Corporation was awarded a contract from an Environmental Agency in a large U.S. metropolitan area to develop a system to automate the collection of water treatment data at one of the city’s 150+ acre reservoirs. L-Tron’s solution will expedite typical data collection and reduce errors associated with prior collection methods.

9700The automation solution will be implemented using the ITSCriptNet rapid application development framework from Z-Space Technologies and will run on the Honeywell Dolphin 9700 mobile computer platform. Water purification data will be collected from process instrumentation, then validated against historical norms, and stored in the agency’s existing databases. The solution will provide a mechanism for engineers to review, annotate, and change data values while keeping a record of all previous values.

Once the solution is fully operational, water treatment data will be available to engineers within a matter of hours, a vast improvement to the several weeks or longer it now takes with the current data collection method. Data entry and transcription errors will be minimized by reducing manual processes. Plans for completion are first quarter 2014.