Tony Mai attends SMX East 2013 – and sees barcode scanners hard at work!

L-Tron’s Tony Mai attended the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) East 2013 in New York, NY from October 1-3, 2013. At SMX he explored online marketing options and marketing best practices, as well as networked with other internet marketers. But best of all?

Upon checking into SMX on the first day, the receptionist printed Tony his name tag with a personalized bar code on it. The barcode was used for several different applications during the expo.

First, when the expo hall opened, he walked around talking to the vendors and exhibitors. After, each vendor representative scanned his name tag with a compact 1D laser barcode scanner (Motorola CS3000) and then scanned a barcode on a sheet of paper that correlated Tony’s information with specific categories of interest to him (such as “send more info”, “requested free demo”, “free trial”, etc.).

Second, Tony attended several 20-minute presentations that ran all day in small theaters. At each presentation, a staff member scanned his name tag to take attendance for further data analysis. As an incentive to having his name tag scanned, he was given free raffle tickets.

There is nothing more exciting for an employee of a data collection company than to see barcode scanners hard at work in the real world, right Tony?