The DS6707-HC is designed specifically with healthcare and patient/caregiver well-being in mind.

Hygenic Healthcare  Scanner: L-Tron’s Solution for Effortless Data Capture

L-Tron Corporation, teamed with premier partner Motorola, introduces a solution for advanced data capture in the healthcare sector. The DS6707-HC is a bar code scanner designed specifically with quality healthcare and patient/caregiver well-being in mind. The thoughtfully planned configuration of the DS6707-HC allows for frequent sanitization and disinfection – a necessity for all sterile healthcare environments. Furthermore, caregivers and custodial staff need not worry about damaging the scanner during cleaning, as a scratch-resistant glass window and IP41 sealing keep the DS6707-HC running smoothly.
Equipped with a digital camera and document scanner, the DS6707-HC efficiently allows caregivers to easily capture both 1D and 2D bar codes, as well as images, documents and signatures. Poor quality bar codes and images are not a problem for this device, nor are products with small print. Additionally, use of the DS6707-HC requires minimal training, as a viewfinder facilitates stress-free aiming and a convenient omni-directional scanner eliminates the need for item-adjustment in the scanner window prior to scanning. Built to withstand unavoidable bumps, drops and spills, the DS6706-HC fulfills daily healthcare scanning needs, while maintaining the fundamental priority of cleanliness.

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