The innovative 3300HSI is released to the market

L-Tron Introduces Noteworthy Imaging Scanner to the Retail Sector

L-Tron Corporation, teamed with Datalogic Scanning, presents the world’s first imaging based, in-counter, omnidirectional scanning solution. The innovative Magellan 3300HSi utilizes Datalogic’s Imaging Technology to generate impressive scanning, depth-of-field and field-of-view performance, comparable to the performance of the best omnidirectional single plane laser scanners. The Magellan features the distinctive ability to scan hard-to-read bar codes, resulting in improved efficiency and faster customer service. This in-counter scanner is extremely reliable, offering both presentation style scanning and high speed sweep scanning, along with the optional ability to read common 2D bar codes. In addition, the Magellan 3300HSi offers users investment protection upon initial installation, as this scanner is software enabled and allows for future upgrades.
L-Tron delivers this in-counter scanning solution for a variety of retail applications, including specialty retail stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, do-it-yourself stores, drug stores and pharmacies. With high-performance scanning, dependability and investment protection, the Magellan 3300HSi is a quality scanning solution for the retail sector.